1. No running or rough-housing at any event.


2. Entrance on to property automatically gives Hell’s Gateway Photo release rights for anyone on any of our properties. If you have an issue with this please do not attend our event.


3. No cussing or foul mouths, you will be escorted off property with no refund.


4. No pictures or video equipment of any kind. If you are caught using the item you will be escorted off property with no refund.


5. No one under age 13 will be allowed for entrance without an adult for the Haunted House and Dark Nightmare events.


6. Real Fear™ is 18 or older and signed release of liability will be signed before entrance.


7. No smoking is allowed within 50 feet of any of the building’s


8. Anything that can be used as a weapon or firearm is absolutely forbidden.


9. Leave backpacks, purses or any other personal belongings at home. We do not want you or the creatures to trip and fall.


10. For everyone’s safety, all customers are not allowed to touch actors. We cannot guarantee any touching on our actors part, as YOU the customer are the undefined variable in possibilities of accidental touching.


11. Real Fear is interactive but the customer must follow our commands or simply use the safe word to be let out. If you want to attend this event cause you think you will be able to fight back or intimidate the actors this is not that kind of event. If it happens you will simply be escorted out with no refund.


12. If suspected to be under influence of something you will not be allowed entrance and no refund will be given.


13. There are no refunds at Hell’s Gateway!