About Us

Hell's Gateway is the first hi-tech, non-commercial haunted house in Washington State! All of the scenes and props are timed for the ultimate scare and are controlled by movement, sound and a central computer. If you are light-hearted, have a medical condition, are claustrophobic, or are just scared of the dark this haunt is not for you!

Hell's Gateway was built for one purpose; to entertain and scare the crap out of you. Hell's Gateway is filled with actors, props, technology and truly scary scenes. Hell's Gateway is more than just a 5-minute haunt. You'll be scared; you'll get a show...you'll get an experience.

At Hell's Gateway we enjoy haunts just as much as you. We just got tired of haunts staying the same year after year. We've heard it before "nothing has changed." Well, Hell's Gateway is not only changing in our second year, but we are changing the game. We are stirring things up! Every year Hell's Gateway will be making changes, making additions and making the experience better. Let's face it, you don't have to spend your money at Hell's Gateway, so we appreciate your business and want you to come back year after year. You want more and more each year, we agree.

Hell's Gateway promises to give our all every year while keeping things new and fresh. Come watch us grow this year, next year and every year as we do our best to scare the crap out of you!

Scare ya later,

The Cast at Hell's Gateway

Ps You heard right, "The Dark Nightmare" is coming in 2014! A haunt like you've never experienced.


We are not affliated with any of the following haunts: Tacoma Haunted House, Pierce County Asylum or Hillbilly Haunt!


We would like thank our sponsors who made Hell's Gateway possible:

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